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Injury Prevention in the Younger Athlete

Did you know that approximately 50% of youth sporting injuries are preventable? “Ausplay data tells us that 71% of Australian children participate in organized sport and up to 10% will be injured and need to go to accident and emergency every year.  The data does not include all those that might turn up to a…
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How to Treat an Ankle Sprain with Physiotherapy

What do you do if you sprain your ankle playing sport?  Most people who are active and have played sport through their life have at some point sprained their ankle and gone through the painful process of watching it swell, using tonnes of ice and strapping for a long period of time. Research shows, however,…
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What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

"Have you ever wondered what a "deep tissue" massage involves?" The words deep tissue are commonly known and used in the massage industry but how many people in truth understand what this means? I would suggest that when a person hears or speaks of a deep tissue massage they are expecting a harder, stronger or…
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Running After Having a Baby?

“How soon can I return to running after I’ve had a baby?”  This is a question Women’s Health physio's hear frequently. Our answer is often “how long is a piece of string?” as the ideal time frame varies greatly depending on a number of factors: Pre-pregnancy and prenatal exercise – generally the longer you have continued…
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