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How to Prepare for a Paediatric Physiotherapy Video Consultation

Total physiotherapy is now using video consultations (known as Telehealth) to continue our expert care with current and new patients. Telehealth has been used successfully to treat remote clients and is now being employed to treat our local clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The NDIA, Chronic Disease Management (Formerly Medicare Enhanced Primary Care or EPC), and…
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What to Expect from Your Pelvic Floor When You’re No Longer Expecting

The question we are often asked as Women's Health Physiotherapists is: “Is this normal?” To shed some light on normality and the pelvic floor, we'd like to provide some accurate information about postpartum prolapse. We are bombarded daily with images, videos, blogs, forums, facts and figures and it can be difficult to sort out fact…
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Is Your Baby Reaching the 12-month Milestones?

Is your 12 month old reaching their physical milestones? How do you know if they need help from a paediatric physiotherapist?  Here are normal developmental milestones in a typical 1 year old:  Sitting independently at 6-8 months old  Pulling up to stand at 8-9 months old  Cruising on furniture (sidestepping) at 8-9 months  Crawling in…
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