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Your Mental Health Matters

Mental Health concerns cause a significant impact on life with an estimated 13 million people in Australia currently living with symptoms of anxiety and depression (Beyond Blue). At Total Physiotherapy Manly Vale, we understand that life presents many challenges and we know that talking to people who have experience and training in evidence-based strategies can really…
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What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema What is lymphoedema? The lymphatic system is an important, but often forgotten, part of our body. Separate to our blood vessels, the lymphatic system is a system of vessels and collection points that are responsible for removing excess fluid, protein and waste products of cellular activity from tissues spaces. The fluid is filtered and…
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How well are you breathing?

Breathing is the process of moving air in and out of the lungs and enables us to get oxygen into our lungs, as well as expelling carbon dioxide from the body. It can be a conscious process as well as an unconscious one. Oxygen in the breath goes from the lungs into the bloodstream and…
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Patient Experience – Calf Tear

Patient Spotlight - Marianna Gale What was your injury and how did it happen? I was playing tennis and felt the sensation and sound of the popping/ tearing of my calf.  I later discovered that I had a 9mm gastrocnemius tear (calf tear). What was the management early on and what did you find helpful?…
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