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Is Your Baby Reaching the 12-month Milestones?

Is your 12 month old reaching their physical milestones?

How do you know if they need help from a paediatric physiotherapist? 

Here are normal developmental milestones in a typical 1 year old: 

  • Sitting independently at 6-8 months old 
  • Pulling up to stand at 8-9 months old 
  • Cruising on furniture (sidestepping) at 8-9 months 
  • Crawling in a reciprocal pattern from 9 months (commando crawling or on hands and knees) 
  • Standing alone from 11 months 
  • Walking alone from 12 months 

Each child progresses at their own rate, but some next extra help.

If they aren’t sitting alone, moving in and out of sitting, crawling symmetrically or pulling to stand up at 12 months you should seek advice.

If you have any concerns, you can have a milestone assessment by a paediatric physiotherapist. 

12 Month baby Milestones WHO


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