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Donna White’s Top Three Tips for a Safe Return to Sport

Our very own Donna White, Titled Olympic Physiotherapist and Practice Director, shares her TOP THREE TIPS for a safe return sport or the gym, post COVID-19 lockdown.

Starting back at sport or exercise post isolation? Do you want to prevent injury for your return to sport? We've got you covered!

TOP THREE TIPS for a safe return to sport:

Tip 1:
Start slow and build your intensity and duration of your training, session by session.

Tip 2:
Listen to your body: You may need to take an extra recovery day or spend longer warming up/cooling down as your body adapts back to training.

Tip 3: 

Check in with your physiotherapist to discuss any niggling injuries and make sure you are training correctly to avoid new injuries.⠀

return to sport

Need help?
By monitoring your training load, we can reduce injury risk and improve performance by staying in what is called the 'sweet spot'. ⠀

If you need help with monitoring your training load or anything else sport related our team at Total would love to help you #returntosport safely.

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