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Portfolio Category: 1. PHYSIOTHERAPY

Margo Joyner
(B.App.Sc. Physiotherapy) + Physiotherapist +APAM

Margo has over 25 years of physiotherapy experience, in both hospital and private practice, in Australia, UK and China. Her broad professional experience includes pilates based rehabilitation, orthopaedic, cardiac, respiratory and neurological rehabilitation. She has also worked as a childbirth educator for 17 years and has a professional interest in women’s health, particularly the childbearing…
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Stella Callintzis
(B. Physiotherapy) + Physiotherapist

Stella graduated from ACU in 2020 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, with a special interest in Paediatrics, which she is currently pursuing further studies in. Stella not only believes in a hands on approach through manual therapy but also strives to educate patients to become active participants in their own health. Stella also has a…
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Jacquelyn Ryder
(B.AppSc)+GradDipAppSc(ManipPhysio)+CertAppErgonomics+APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Jacquelyn has been practising as a Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist for 25 years and has completed further studies in Ergonomics. She has extensive clinical experience managing a diverse case load of musculoskeletal recreational, sporting and work related injuries. She has delivered Ergonomics Consulting services to assist with the management and prevention of injuries in the workplace.…
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Tom Gilbert
+ Physiotherapist

Tom’s love for sport and exercise guided him into a career of Physiotherapy. Tom completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Australian Catholic University in 2016, and has been working in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy ever since. Tom has worked extensively with elite athletes, being the Head Physiotherapist for the under 21’s Australian Water Polo team. This…
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Gunda Lehmann
(B.Phyty Physiotherapy) + Physiotherapist

Gunda qualified as a physiotherapist in Germany in 2002. She moved to Australia in 2007 and has worked in hospitals and private practice. Gunda uses manual techniques and exercise prescription to ensure the ongoing care of her patients. She also teaches both mat and equipment pilates classes. Gunda holds a specialised qualification in Lymphatic drainage…
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Laura Wickens
(B.Sc. (Hons) Physiotherapy) + Physiotherapist

Laura believes in a hands-on approach to physiotherapy using manual therapy & muscle release techniques in conjunction with appropriate exercises and self-release techniques. She is a strong advocate in appreciating that no two bodies are the same and therefore no two treatments should be either. She supports the creation of individual treatments and programs to…
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Lucy Cathcart
(B.App.Sc. Physiotherapy) + Physiotherapist

Lucy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Birmingham in 2013. Having worked for over four years in the NHS in the UK, Lucy has gained a wide breadth of experience in treating both chronic and acute conditions, especially lower back and neck pain. Lucy has a particular interest in…
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Rebecca Rutherford
B.App.Sci (Physiotherapy) + G.Cert (Pelvic Floor) + Prof Cert (Conservative POP Management) + Physiotherapist

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) from Sydney University. Rebecca has over 20 years' experience in treating musculoskeletal, sports injuries and Women’s Health and has worked at Total Physiotherapy since 2007. Rebecca has completed extensive continuing education in women’s health and has completed her Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy 2018 (Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy) and…
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Jane Leathwood
(Grad.Dip. Physiotherapy)+ Physiotherapist

Jane qualified as a physiotherapist in England in 1992. After two years of working in general areas of physiotherapy, including orthopaedics and sports injuries, she pursued her interest in upper limb injuries. For the next 18 years she worked in the field of Burns and Plastic Surgery, focusing in particular on hand and upper limb…
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Louise Henderson
(B.App.Sc Physiotherapy, Masters of Clinical Physiotherapy (Continence and Women’s Health), APA Titled Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist) + Physiotherapist

Louise has over thirty years experience in treating musculoskeletal and sports injuries and has worked at Total Physiotherapy since 2003. Louise has completed extensive continuing education in the area of women's pelvic floor problems including completion of Masters in Continence and Women's Health in 2018. Louise's knowledge of pelvic floor functions complements her skills and…
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Fiona Elliott
(B. Med Sci (Hons), B.App.Sc. (Physiotherapy), + M. Advanced Paediatric Physio Practice) + APA Titled Paediatric Physio

Fiona Elliott is an APA Titled Paediatric Physiotherapist. She has expertise in the treatment of children from infants to high school. She has worked in the field of Paediatric Physiotherapy for many years assessing children with torticollis, plagiocephaly, toe walking, musculoskeletal dysfunction, developmental delay and gross motor coordination problems. She has completed her Masters in…
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Justine Walker
(B.App.Sc. Physiotherapy) + Physiotherapist +ARAM +APAM

Justine graduated from the University of Sydney in 2015, and has since established herself as the Australian National Climbing Team physiotherapist, a role which takes her to both interstate and international training camps and competitions. Aside from rock climbing, she has a keen interest in Rheumatology, and specializes in the care of inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis…
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Mathew Matson
(B.Physiotherapy)+ Physiotherapist

Matthew graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Australian Catholic University (ACU) and more recently completed his post graduate studies in High Performance Sport (ACU) in 2019. He has an extensive background in sport including having played rugby union at a state level. This love for sport sparked his passion for physiotherapy. Matt takes the…
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