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Sports Injuries

Sports Injury Rehab Whilst the management principles of sports injuries do not differ greatly from other injuries, our team’s experience in sport helps to provide you with expert care.  We will diagnose the injury and subsequently devise and implement a treatment plan and time frame for recovery - particularly late-stage sports specific exercises for you to…
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Post-operative Rehabilitation

Post op Rehab We can assist you with post-operative rehabilitation – e.g. following surgery for injury such as fractures, ligament repair (eg. ACL), tendon repair or surgery for arthritis such as a hip or knee replacement. Our treatment will assist you with pain relief, help you to regain movement and strengthen muscles particularly in regard to…
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Women’s Health, Men’s Health & Pelvic Health

Women's Health Physiotherapy Continence and Women's Health is a specific area of physiotherapy that requires additional training to provide management of problems that can occur in women throughout life. Louise, Rebecca and Laura have pursued a high level of continuing education and have extensive experience in this area. Watch our Real Time Ultrasound Video by…
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Hand Physiotherapy

Hand Physiotherapy Services At Total Physiotherapy, we have experienced clinicians whose area of interest is in the treatment of the hand and upper limb. With 27 bones and 42 muscles, the hand and wrist provide us with a number of vital functions for day-to-day life. We use our hands constantly in our daily tasks, from…
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Paediatric Physiotherapy (0-18yrs)

Paediatric Physiotherapy Total Physiotherapy offers specialist paediatric physiotherapy treatment for children from infants to school age for issues with movement and their musculoskeletal systems. Fiona Elliott has an expertise in treating children. Some indications your child would benefit from a paediatric physiotherapy are: Infants with flat head or neck turn to one side (torticollis and…
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