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Category Archives: Sports Injuries

Calf Injuries: Everything You Need to Know

Two Types of Calf Injuries: Acute: This type of calf injury occurs when there is sudden calf pain, ongoing lingering and discomfort. Biomechanical/ fatigue induced: This type of calf injury occurs gradually, with worsening cramps or pain whilst running. Discomfort often settles when not running. Contributing factors to Calf Injuries Shoes: Minimalistic shoes can increase…
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Donna White’s Top Three Tips for a Safe Return to Sport

Our very own Donna White, Titled Olympic Physiotherapist and Practice Director, shares her TOP THREE TIPS for a safe return sport or the gym, post COVID-19 lockdown.⠀ Starting back at sport or exercise post isolation? Do you want to prevent injury for your return to sport? We've got you covered! TOP THREE TIPS for a…
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Patient Experience – Calf Tear

Patient Spotlight - Marianna Gale What was your injury and how did it happen? I was playing tennis and felt the sensation and sound of the popping/ tearing of my calf.  I later discovered that I had a 9mm gastrocnemius tear (calf tear). What was the management early on and what did you find helpful?…
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Kids & Sports Injuries

Sport injuries account for 34% of all injuries to children aged 5-14 years. Exercise is important for children and teenagers for maintaining healthy weight, creating strong bones, learning teamwork and improving emotional well-being. How do we minimise the risk? Firstly we need to understand the factors that increase the risk of injury which are: Passionate…
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