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Category Archives: Sports Injuries

Total News Summer 2022

In this issue of Total News Summer 2022 we cover: Swimming Total Team News About Us Click here to read our Total News Summer 2022.
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Let’s talk…Swimming Shoulder

Swimming is Australian’s leading sport with millions participating either competitively or recreationally each year. Elite swimmers can perform 2500 arm revolutions during a single session. These high repetitive loads which can place increased stress on our joints and soft tissue structures. The most common type of injury related to swimmers is called ‘swimming shoulder’.  The…
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Lateral Hip Pain

What is Lateral Hip Pain? Lateral hip pain (LHP), otherwise known as greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS), can encompass a couple of different pathologies. Most commonly, LHP is often caused by changes in the gluteal tendon (tendinopathies or tears) which may secondarily inflame the bursa (bursitis) due to the increased compressive force through the area.…
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Calf Injuries: Everything You Need to Know

Two Types of Calf Injuries: Acute: This type of calf injury occurs when there is sudden calf pain, ongoing lingering and discomfort. Biomechanical/ fatigue induced: This type of calf injury occurs gradually, with worsening cramps or pain whilst running. Discomfort often settles when not running. Contributing factors to Calf Injuries Shoes: Minimalistic shoes can increase…
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Donna White’s Top Three Tips for a Safe Return to Sport

Our very own Donna White, Titled Olympic Physiotherapist and Practice Director, shares her TOP THREE TIPS for a safe return sport or the gym, post COVID-19 lockdown.⠀ Starting back at sport or exercise post isolation? Do you want to prevent injury for your return to sport? We've got you covered! TOP THREE TIPS for a…
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Patient Experience – Calf Tear

Patient Spotlight - Marianna Gale What was your injury and how did it happen? I was playing tennis and felt the sensation and sound of the popping/ tearing of my calf.  I later discovered that I had a 9mm gastrocnemius tear (calf tear). What was the management early on and what did you find helpful?…
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Kids & Sports Injuries

Sport injuries account for 34% of all injuries to children aged 5-14 years. Exercise is important for children and teenagers for maintaining healthy weight, creating strong bones, learning teamwork and improving emotional well-being. How do we minimise the risk? Firstly we need to understand the factors that increase the risk of injury which are: Passionate…
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Physiotherapy For Golf

With daylights savings in to full swing now, it's time to start thinking about those longer mornings you could be spending on the golf course!  But can your body keep up with your love of golf? There are some common areas of pain and injury that we see at Total Physiotherapy following an increase in…
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Swimmer’s Shoulder – Impingement Syndrome

Swimmer’s Shoulder (Impingement syndrome) Shoulder pain is very common amongst the swimming population. Swimmer’s shoulder, also known as impingement syndrome, is an inflammatory condition of the narrow bony space in the top of the shoulder. The rotator cuff tendons as well as the biceps tendon can become irritated as they pass through or alongside the space.…
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Simple Rules For Improving Performance

With the Olympics just around the corner, the Total Physio team are dedicating this newsletter to providing some valuable tips on gaining the ultimate performance edge. For all those in our community trying to achieve their personal best in their rehab or on the football field, netball or tennis court, in the ocean, on the…
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