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Category Archives: Women’s Health

Changes to the body during menopause

At Total Physiotherapy Manly Vale, we are strong believers in a preventative approach to health. Menopause is a time of change in a woman’s body including in her pelvic health. We are introducing a menopausal pelvic health check to help identify any symptoms you may have, assess pelvic floor muscle strength and advise on any steps…
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Abdominal Separation: The Facts

Abdominal separation, also known as DRA (diastasis rectus abdominus) is a common condition that arises in late pregnancy (affecting between 66-100% of women in the third trimester) and may persist in the postnatal period (affecting 35-65% of women). For such a common condition, there is actually very little research into what constitutes normal recovery and…
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What to Expect from Your Pelvic Floor When You’re No Longer Expecting

The question we are often asked as Women's Health Physiotherapists is: “Is this normal?” To shed some light on normality and the pelvic floor, we'd like to provide some accurate information about postpartum prolapse. We are bombarded daily with images, videos, blogs, forums, facts and figures and it can be difficult to sort out fact…
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