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Margo Joyner
(B.App.Sc. Physiotherapy) + Physiotherapist +APAM

Margo has over 25 years of physiotherapy experience, in both hospital and private practice, in Australia, UK and China. Her broad professional experience includes pilates based rehabilitation, orthopaedic, cardiac, respiratory and neurological rehabilitation. She has also worked as a childbirth educator for 17 years and has a professional interest in women’s health, particularly the childbearing years. She is very experienced at assessing movement and enjoys assisting people to learn about their bodies and move well and has over 15 years experience in exercise treatment.

Margo enjoys the challenge of ongoing professional learning and these have included courses in Women’s Health Physiotherapy, health education, as well as mat and equipment pilates training for individual and group classes.

In her spare time Margo enjoys being active including ballet and tap dancing, swimming, climbing, bushwalking and surfing small waves. She also enjoys reading, being creative and watching the rest of her family play football.

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