Total Physiotherapy Introduce Game Ready!

Have you had an injury? Are you recovering from surgery?

Did you know that the Game Ready provides at least a 20% faster recovery? (Peter Millett, MD, MSc). 

We now have our very own Game Ready! The Game Ready System is an active cold compression system designed to accelerate and improve recovery. The Game Ready mimics the normal ‘squeeze and release’ patterns of muscle contractions ensuring continuous removal of heat from damaged tissue, reduced muscle spasm and pain.

Why do you need to use the Game Ready?

Following an injury, the body initiates a series of physiological responses, the first being inflammation. During this phase, local tissue temperature increases, vasodilation of blood cells occurs and cells are deprived of oxygen. Although these processes are an important part of the healing process, they can cause pain, impair function and hinder recovery. It is therefore important to manage these systems in order to aid and enhance recovery.

Rapidly circulating ice water actively removes heat and cools the tissue to reduce oedema, muscle spasms and pain.

How much does it cost?

The Game Ready can be used within your physiotherapy consultation at no extra charge. If you wish to use the Game Ready without a consultation the price is $25 for 20 minutes.

Why should I use Game Ready over regular icing? 

Game ready technology enables deeper, longer lasting cold therapy. Unlike other icing techniques, the compression from the wraps enhances reduction in swelling and cools tissues more efficiently and for longer periods.

Call us now on 9907 0321 to organise a session to use the Game Ready!


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