Christmas – A Pain in the Neck?

Christmas – A Pain in the Neck?

Each December, just when it seems the practice may become a little quieter, we receive an influx of people with neck pain that we have come to term “Christmas neck”.

Sound familiar? It is a condition precipitated by frequent trips to the shops carrying far too many parcels, working from home without a proper ergonomic set up, standing for long periods in high heels at Christmas functions, extra work around the house to tidy up for guests and the stress of keeping all sides of the family happy for Christmas festivities.

To avoid becoming a sufferer this Christmas, try the following tips:

  • Plan your shopping trips to save the big parcels until last or make several trips to the car; try shopping online.
  • Alternate time spent sitting and standing where possible
  • Plan and delegate household chores and Christmas catering
  • Try to fit in some of your usual exercise routine
  • Treat yourself to an early Christmas present of a massage to relax those overworked muscles and reduce stress!

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