It’s Our 2nd Birthday!

Thank you for your support!

In celebration of our 2nd birthday we thought we would pick out 5 reasons a physio can help you with so much more than a sporting injury, Is it time to book in now?

For some of you, you’ve only known us as Total Physiotherapy, for others, you’ve seen us grow and change, especially in the last 2 years. We are so proud to have helped so many people achieve their health goals through physiotherapy – plus all our other offerings – over the past 2 years (and more). We hope we have helped you get even more out of life, living painfree and agile.

5 Reasons why you should see a physio:

  1. Pain  – niggly or acute due to sport, age or overuse.
  2. Recovery from illness or disease.
  3. Planning for wellness in older years.
  4. Women’s Health, pregnancy and post-natal.
  5. Body strengthening, preparation for exercise and body maintenance.

Physiotherapy is not just about fixing a problem once it’s happened. Rather, see us as a prevention to problems, like your vitamin C in Winter or your GP check-ups. The way you move your body impacts how it functions on the inside. Come and have a chat to us today about how we can help you feel stronger, healthier and happier!

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