Michelle & Classmates

Patient Spotlight – Michelle Smart (and classmates)

Why did you commence Pilates? We all started about two years ago, and we all started because we were injured in some way. I’d torn 3 rotator cuffs in my shoulder so I couldn’t swim. So I took up running and fell and split the meniscus in my knee. So I couldn’t swim or run and I was pretty down about all of that. I was actually told about Total Physiotherapy’s Pilates by a physio who was working on my knee at the time–I was in tears because I couldn’t do any exercise. He suggested Pilates at Total Physiotherapy and I haven’t looked back. Now I do Pilates every Friday, and I can run and swim again.

What have you learned about using your “core” muscles? So much. I hold myself differently, and I exercise differently. I’m aware of my core muscles– even when I’m lugging groceries around I try to use them and I sit differently when I work.

What have been the benefits? Oh, where do I start?  I’m doing all the sports I want to do again, and I’m more aware of how to look after my body. I’m more aware of exercising correctly. If I run into a problem I know that at Pilates Jess will work on that area. I feel much stronger and I’m able to do things now in Pilates I never thought I’d be able to do. I think we all have a real sense of achievement. Jess pushes us too. I really like that.

Has it helped in your everyday life, work or sport? Oh absolutely. Pilates has made such a difference to me. Plus I’ve made friends from my Pilates group. Julie and Sondra and I go out for dinner now, and every Friday I look forward to being with them and Jess, although she sometimes gets us in trouble for talking too much!  Plus now that we’ve all recovered from our injuries, Jess is really pushing us to get us stronger. We’re all very grateful for what we have in the group.

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