Neck Pain | How the pandemic is affecting our bodies

The short answer – yes. ⁠

At Total Physio, we are continuing to see the way that stress and anxiety as a result of the pandemic is affecting your bodies. ⁠

First up – NECK PAIN:⁠

Most of our clients have found that they are acclimatised well to working from home. More so now than ever, everyone is aware of the effect that posture has on our bodies. ⁠

This has led to some amazing working from home set-ups and standing desks that a lot of people have at home (WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU ADRIAN – GREAT ERGONOMIC SET UP! ).

However, we have other contributors impacting neck pain which may or may not relate to you at home:⁠

➕ Increased stress: Whether it be work or having to home school children with a full-time job as some examples of contributing factors that may increase you stress levels. ☝🏻

➕ Less movement in the right places: You may not be doing as much of the things that really help release and strengthen the surrounding area e.g yoga, pilates, swimming, strength-based training.⁠

➕ Periods in prolonged postures: We know it’s impossible to hold a perfect posture all day. The research suggests that if we perform postural corrections (sit up tall for 10 seconds every 30 minutes) throughout the day it is better than trying to hold a perfect posture!⁠

If you are suffering from neck pain, our team at Total Physiotherapy can help! Contact us today on 02 9907 0321 to find out about our ergonomic assessments we offer and how we can help you with your home office set up.⁠

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