Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor specific exercise class

Pelvic floor problems are a major reason women stop or modify their exercise due to symptoms or the fear that exercise will make their problems worse.

Our Pilates-based pelvic floor exercise classes are designed and conducted by our women’s health physiotherapists to:

  •     Assist compliance with pelvic floor exercises
  •     Ensure the exercises are safe for your pelvic floor
  •     Incorporate the pelvic floor muscles into other exercises to assist return to a regular gym class or sport
  •     Focus on the other areas of the body that we know will help the pelvic floor muscles to function at their best- eg. flexibility of the spine; strength of the hip and calf muscles; agility exercises


Please note: An assessment with one of our women’s health physiotherapists is required before attending your first class. You can call us on 9907 0321 to book the assessment. View the class timetable here.

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