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Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy Exercise Classes

Total Physio Manly Vale is one of the few physiotherapist led clinical exercise classes on the Northern Beaches designed to assist your body’s journey through pregnancy and to prepare for childbirth. This class is designed to assist:

  •     Changing posture/muscle imbalance
  •     Core stability and strengthening
  •     Pelvic floor muscle strengthening and relaxation
  •     Increased mobility and flexibility
  •     Strengthening to meet the demands of pregnancy
  •     Advice for caring for your body during pregnancy
  •     Advice on strategies and positions for labour
  •     Guided relaxation component


Classes are suitable for women throughout pregnancy. This class is instructed by Margo Joyner, a women’s health physiotherapist with many years of experience in both childbirth education and clinical exercise instruction. During the class you will also have the option to ask questions about labour and pregnancy, in a relaxed environment.

You can view the timetable here link to timetable.

Please note: An assessment with one of our physiotherapists trained in women’s health is required before commencing the first class. Please call on 9907 0321 to book this assessment.

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