Total Physio Newsletter Winter 2016

Problems & Solutions – The Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor – possible problems and solutions. Louise Henderson and Rebecca Rutherford (our resident experts in women’s health) recently gave a talk at the practice regarding exercise and the pelvic floor. In case you missed it, here are the key points. We know that exercise is important for everyone for many reasons – weight… Read more

Pelivc Floor – Patient Spotlight

Patient spotlight The following two stories are typical of women we see with pelvic floor problems limiting their exercise. Names have been changed. Cathy is a 36 year old woman with three children. The youngest had just started school and, with a little more time available, Cathy wanted to regain some fitness and joined an… Read more

Patient Reflections on Persistent Pain

Patient reflections on persistent pain We asked these women to reflect on their experience with persistent pain – how it felt and what helped them improve. While they all experienced a different journey, exercise and movement were a common key factor in their recovery. Sarah “There are always periods where stress levels are higher than… Read more

Functional Core Stability

Naturally engaging your core – EVERYDAY From this ….. ……to this Most of the time our core functions without us even realizing – as soon as you stand or sit in a “good” posture your core muscles will engage. The core is rather like a shoelace which is done up just tight enough. If it… Read more

Orthopaedic Surgery & Post Op Rehab

Orthopaedic surgery Part 1: Preparing for sugery At Total Physiotherapy we see people following a range of different operations – knee or hip arthroscopies, knee reconstructions, hip and knee replacements, shoulder tendon repairs, surgical repair of fractures and more. Whether the surgery is for a longstanding problem such as a joint replacement for arthritis or… Read more

Michelle & Classmates

Patient Spotlight – Michelle Smart (and classmates) Why did you commence Pilates? We all started about two years ago, and we all started because we were injured in some way. I’d torn 3 rotator cuffs in my shoulder so I couldn’t swim. So I took up running and fell and split the meniscus in my… Read more

Returning to Sport & Exercise following childbirth

Returning to sport and exercise following childbirth Maybe you were a keen sportsperson before the birth of your baby or maybe you feel you need to do some exercise to return to pre-pregnancy strength and fitness. Either way, there are a few things for women to consider when returning to sport or exercise after childbirth.… Read more

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