What is Metatarsus Adductus?

Misshapen Feet in Babies

Metatarsus Adductus is a common condition in babies and young children. The outside border of the foot is curved, and the foot is a bean-shape. Most cases are mild and will improve with some stretching exercises and as the child starts to stand.

It is important to check if the foot is flexible or stiff. A flexible metatarsus adductus can be stretched straight. Babies with misshapen feet should have a careful hip examination to check for hip dysplasia.  

Some cases are moderate to severe, and may need orthotic therapy, night boots or serial casting. Untreated moderate or severe metatarsus adductus can cause pigeon toeing and tripping.

How Can a Paediatric Physiotherapist help?

A paediatric physiotherapist can assess your child’s foot structure, strength, balance and gross motor skills. 

We might recommend stretches, massage, strengthening exercises, balance exercises, kinesiotaping and discuss options for orthotic treatment.

We can prescribe kid’s orthotics such as Gecko orthotics for their shoes and specialised orthotic boots called Bebax that are worn at night.  

Find out more information on metatarsus adductus here.

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