Exercise Classes for the Childbearing Year

It is well researched that exercise has many benefits both during and after pregnancy. Often women come to us at Total Physiotherapy, asking what exercise is ‘safe’ to do during this childbearing year. 

Some women find it challenging to take part in their usual exercise routine due to pain, growing bump, abdominal separation or pelvic floor issues related to pregnancy or child birth.  Alternatively, some women are looking for a more tailored/supervised class setting with an added educational component.  To read more about the benefits and precautions relating to exercise during and after pregnancy click here.

What classes do we offer?

We offer three specific classes for women during their childbearing year.  These are:

  • 1. Prenatal (Pregnancy) – This class is suitable for pregnant women at any stage in pregnancy.  It is taught by a physiotherapist with extensive Birth Education experience. You can start at any stage of pregnancy after an initial assessment. The class comprises of both exercises and an education component.  Exercises aim to strengthen identified weaknesses, lengthen (stretch) tight structures, prevent common sources of pain flaring, prepare your body for labour and provide prehab for postnatal recovery. We address pelvic floor function and breathing. There is a relaxation component with a new technique taught and practiced each week. The educational component allows open discussions relating to any pregnancy issues or concerns experienced and a guided discussion of topics such as prenatal back care, perineal massage, birth positions, breathing and relaxation to name a few.  All exercises are modified to match individuals requirements and abilities.
  • 2. Postnatal – This class is suitable for anyone post birth (starting from 6 weeks post birth and once you have completed your 6 weeks check with your care provider). A mixture of exercises are prescribed to address posture, breathing, strengthening and lengthening of muscles.  There is a focus on abdominal control and monitoring DRA (tummy separation) for good technique, as well as pelvic floor function and relaxation. All exercises are modified to match the individual’s requirements and abilities. This class is for mums only and no babies.  You can start at around 6 weeks postpartum after an initial assessment with one of the women’s health physiotherapists.
  • 3. Mums and Bubs – The same as the postnatal class but with the option to have your baby with you in the class. Great for mums who want to keep the baby close for comfort or feeding or do not have the option of childcare.  Baby will usually lie alongside you on the mat or in the pram. Sometimes baby may be incorporated into the exercise where appropriate.  

Who teaches our classes?

At Total Physiotherapy we have a passionate and caring team of Women’s Health physiotherapists waiting to help support you through your child bearing year. Our assessments and classes are all taken by physiotherapists from this team, who between them, have extensive experience and further education within the field.

Class details

  • Class size – to allow individual modification of exercises within the group, we keep the classes small  – max 5 in a class.
  • When?  Please click here to see our class timetable.

Should these times not suit your schedule, please contact us as we sometimes schedule additional classes according to demand.

What to bring to your class?

  • A towel (to place on your mat)
  • Water
  • Mat/equipment is all supplied

If bringing your baby to the Mum’s and Bub’s class you may want a blanket or similar to lay them on or some snacks or a toy to keep them busy

How much do the classes cost?

  • $200 for a 5 class pass (to be used in 7 weeks). Possibility of casual payment for pregnancy classes. 
  • Health fund rebates – check with your health fund as some offer specific rebates for pregnancy and postnatal classes. The codes for the classes are 595 for pregnancy classes and 596 for postnatal classes. 

Ready to start? 

To book an assessment with one of the Women’s Health team please click here. Or please call reception on 9907 0321. If you have already completed an assessment, please contact reception on 9907 0321 to book your first class. Once you have booked your first set of classes you can do subsequent bookings online. 

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