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Category Archives: Massage

Body Awareness Meditation with Donna Nolan

Remedial Massage Therapist Donna Nolan, has created an 11-minute Body Awareness Meditation, to ease the mind and allow us to reset, particularly in these challenging times. We encourage you to allow yourself this time, to value the mind and allow for some much needed meditation. Click the play button below to listen. We hope you…
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What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

"Have you ever wondered what a "deep tissue" massage involves?" The words deep tissue are commonly known and used in the massage industry but how many people in truth understand what this means? I would suggest that when a person hears or speaks of a deep tissue massage they are expecting a harder, stronger or…
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No pain no gain in Massage  – Truth or Myth? There is the common perception that Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage needs to hurt to be of benefit. However, gone are the days of the football locker room where you could pummel a corkie and think that was good for the body. The Massage industry…
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What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema What is lymphoedema? The lymphatic system is an important, but often forgotten, part of our body. Separate to our blood vessels, the lymphatic system is a system of vessels and collection points that are responsible for removing excess fluid, protein and waste products of cellular activity from tissues spaces. The fluid is filtered and…
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