What You Need to Know About W-Sitting

What is W-sitting? 

W-sitting is when a child sits with their knees bent, bottom on the floor and feet out to either side in a W shape. W-sitting makes it easier for a child with poor core stability or balance to sit. They don’t have to work their muscles to be stable in this position. 

What’s wrong with W-sitting in children? 

Your child will not be using their core muscles as much in this position. They may be causing strain on their hip and knee joints. They are loading their bones in a twisted position and therapists think this could contribute to intoeing. 

When to worry about W sitting: 

  • If you child often spends long periods in this position to play 
  • If your child has trouble getting in and out of sitting positions 
  • If they can’t sit in other positions easily e.g. long-sitting, cross-legged and side sitting 
  • If they are pigeon-toed, W-sit often and over 2-3 years old 
  • If they have poor posture
  • If they are clumsy 

If you have concerns about your child, see a paediatric physiotherapist. For more information about paediatric physiotherapy at Total Physiotherapy Manly Vale here.

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